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Services, Barrington Kennels Pet Resort, Lake Barrington, IL

We know how stressful it can be trying to find a suitable place where your pets can stay and be well cared for while you are away. Barrington Kennels Pet Resort puts your mind at ease with exceptional pet care services in the greater northwest Chicago area. All of our staff are certified pet care technicians which means we are able to provide your pet with the attention and love they need. Our goal is to make your furry family members stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible.


Services Provided:


Dog Lodging

  • 4' x 8' Inside Room
  • 4' x 16' Outside Run
  • Privacy
  • Rooms are Air Conditioned & Heated
  • Lambswool Bedding
  • Able to Keep More Than 1 Dog in a Room if Requested
  • Individual Outdoor Potty Area / Let Out 4 Times Daily
  • Main Feeding is in the Morning. Additional Feedings Upon Request at No Charge
  • Please Place Each Meal Portion in an Individual Baggie Labeled With Pets Name
  • We Cannot Accept Any Foods That Need to be Cooked, Thawed, Frozen, or Refrigerated
  • Medication Fees if Required

Meet & Greet

First time boarding? Make an appointment to have your dog visit us for the day anytime before his first stay. This gives your pet a chance to meet us, check out his room and enjoy a complimentary organic treat!

Cat Lodging

Cats need just as much as love as dogs do! All cats have their own private cat condo.
  • Dog-Free Section of Our Boarding Facility
  • Clean Litter Daily
  • Clean Lambswool Rug Daily
  • Shelf & Scratching Post
  • More Than 1 Cat Can Be Boarded Together If Requested
  • High Quality Kibble
  • Main Feeding is in the Morning. Additional Feedings Upon Request at No Charge
  • Medication Fees if Required

Day Care or Day Lodging

We love our dogs and often think of them as family. We want them to come everywhere with us but this is not always possible. When you are at work or taking on daily responsibilities, let your dog come play with us! Instead of getting into the garbage or chewing furniture, let us give your dog the play time and attention they need.

After evaluating your pets temperament, we will place them with other dogs they would enjoy playing with. Some dogs however just wish to have one-on-one attention throughout the day. No matter what your dogs need is, we will make sure they are placed in the environment they are most comfortable in so that your furry friend enjoys his stay.

Dog Grooming

Renowned groomers Dan & Maria Weiler have over 35 years of grooming experience. Dan is also a kennel technician here at Barrington Kennels Pet Resort. Our groomers are happy to have a consultation with you regarding any concerns or special needs your pets may have.

Full Groom:

Bath, brush out, hand blow dry, nail trimming (or filing upon request), ear cleaning and plucking, paw/pad trimming, anal glands expressed (upon request), professional hair cut as requested. Prices will vary depending on type of dog and condition of coat. Please call for rates.

Spruce-up Bath:

Shampoo and towel dry (rather than blow dry), optional nail trimming or filing. Performed by a kennel technician, these baths are best suited for breeds without a long or heavy coat. $14 for small dogs, $20 for medium to large dogs, $25 for extra large dogs.

Nail Clipping Only:

We offer stand alone nail clipping or filing services as well. $10 If you're booking these services in conjunction with day care or boarding, please make the grooming reservation in advance as well to ensure your spot on the schedule.



Play Time:

We have a ½ acre fenced grassy area on which we take your dog out for a 15 minute walk/play session. This special time allows your dog to have individualized attention. Playtime pictures are often posted on our Facebook Page.

Group Play Time:

We have a ½ acre fenced grassy area on which we take your dog along with a few other dogs for a 15 minute play session. Dogs are taken out together based on size and temperament and are constantly supervised by a staff member. Group Playtime pictures are often posted on our Facebook Page.

Kuranda Bed Rental

Your pet will be given a raised cot in addition to the lambskin rug.

Nighttime Snack

Your pet will receive an organic dog treat before bedtime.

Cat Play Time

Your cat will be allowed to roam and play in a large enclosed room for approximately 20 minutes.